The Facts About How Having A Tooth Removed Can Boost Overall Oral Health

MINT Team | Heights | 10/24/2019

Deciding to get a tooth pulled could be helpful in avoiding many dental concerns, such as inflammation, crowded teeth, and noneruption.


The Ultimate Process for Whitening Your Discolored, Dark-Looking Teeth

MINT Team | Heights | 10/17/2019

Discover the top ways to whiten your smile, from over-the-counter choices to medical-grade at-home kits and in-office custom procedures.


Leading Causes Why You Could Have Receding Gums and How To Prevent It

MINT Team | Heights | 10/10/2019

Gum recession is a prevalent oral problem that may be treated with scaling and root planing, gum surgery, or gum grafts.


Gum Disease: The Main Signs Each Individual Must Know

MINT Team | Heights | 10/03/2019

Periodontal disease is a well-known dental issue that could adversely impact the general well-being of thousands of patients each year.


The Key Facts You Should Know About Porcelain Dental Veneers

MINT Team | Heights | 09/26/2019

A popular aesthetic dental option, porcelain veneers look beautiful and can cover flaws such as chips, discoloration, gaps, and more.


Discover Composite Resin Fillings

MINT Team | Heights | 09/19/2019

Composite resin, tooth-colored fillings: the newest, most advanced, and best-looking cavity treatment has more than cosmetic perks.


Restorative Smile Makeovers Might Greatly Elevate Your Overall Quality Of Life

MINT Team | Heights | 09/10/2019

Boosting Self-Esteem Is Steps Away For Those Who Aren't Satisfied With The Appearance Of Their Smiles.


Oral Health — Why It Impacts Your Overall Physical Health

MINT Team | Heights | 09/08/2019

Compromised oral health is likely to affect your general health and could cause problems with mental acuity, pregnancy, and blood sugar.


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