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Experience MINT dentistry

Patients in Houston, TX choose MINT dentistry when they want a first-class experience. Our modern office is decorated by an acclaimed international interior designer. When you enter our doors, our experienced staff will welcome you with genuine warmth. When you are brought into a procedure room for your treatment or consultation, you’ll see that we include luxurious amenities like Beats headphones, iPads, flat-screen televisions, and swanky MINT sunglasses.

Cutting-edge Technology
Our practice is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology that our board-certified dental professionals have approved and been fully trained on. MINT dentistry has made the decision to invest in furnishing our office with top quality tools, technology, and materials available without passing any costs on to our patients. Cheaper materials cause unnecessary sensitivity in your teeth, not to mention they do not last as long and look less attractive. MINT dentistry is proud to be metal- and mercury-free and we do not make any of our restorations with metal or mercury.

Dentistry in Luxury
When you enter the procedure rooms at MINT dentistry, you'll sit in one of our treatment chairs with a massage feature, which will help you stay comfortable during your treatment. MINT dentistry's board-certified doctors are trained and experienced in administering a range of sedation dentistry methods to help you with any dentophobia (fear of the dentist). A luxurious experience is achieved when every MINT dentistry patient feels prioritized and well-cared for whether they're getting a routine cleaning or a root canal. At MINT dentistry, our doctors and dental professionals are all concerned with ensuring you stay completely comfortable during your visit.

Same-day Treatment
MINT dentistry knows that you don't have a lot of spare time so we are diligent about problems with scheduling that may pop up during regular oral health exams. That's why our team will schedule each appointment with extra time to correct common issues right after they are identified, helping you avoid additional trips to our office. Because our practice is dedicated to using the highest quality materials, our dental procedures will make your mouth healthy.